Here is the digital story I made for the Distinguished Faculty Lecture.

shrine, by Lisa Bickmore


Introduction to the concept of the video essay.

just like a print essay, a video essay is a way to explore an idea, but with sound and image adding dimension.

Peter Thompson, “The Cinematic Essay: the Cine What?”
Claudia Gorbman, “Places and Play in Agnes Varda’s Cinecriture”
Jonathan Dawson, on “Letter to Jane”
Ze Frank

Additional Resources and examples

This letter is an overview of my accomplishments and work; further artifacts are linked under the tabs “Teaching,” “Professional Development,” and “Service.”

Post Tenure Review Letter 2008-11

Goals for 2010-11:

  1. Full slate of programming and publications from the Publication Center
  2. Complete self-training in CS5
  3. Revision of manuscript; send out poems
  4. Successfully teach 2 new courses
  5. Add multimedia options to English 2250
  6. Carry out curriculum revisions to certificate